About Us

Springboards Consulting Coaching and Training is a limited liability company that focusses on personal growth and transformation. It has a particular focus on personal happiness and how to achieve that state.

The concept of Springboards started in 1990 with the idea that people could achieve so much more with a catalyst giving them a boost, a kind of launch pad or springboard to give them the extra bounce they needed. Also the harder you dropped onto a springboard the bigger the lift … the bigger the drop the bigger the bounce.

Through adversity (the drop) people could, given time, gain what they needed for success, overcoming difficulties.

But this process and traditional methods usually took a long time. Someone or something was needed as a catalyst for fast change, for transformation. A springboard. Everyone could have a springboard for rapid and profound change. Everyone could be successful in whatever way they interpret success, in the way that was important to them. Everyone could become ‘happy.’

And so springboards became Springboards Consulting and Training, and this evolved also to become Springboards Consulting Coaching & Training Ltd, a company dedicated to assisting people to achieve success, and to be happy.

Springboards Consulting Coaching & Training utilises a valuable blend of cutting edge and well-researched methods to inspire and instigate change in the way people think, communicate and act.  The company is owned and operated by: Lorraine Newman