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pearSOMETIMES…   sometimes ….   things go a wee bit pear-shaped.

So you may notice here that the last post before this one was published in September 2010 just after the first Christchurch earthquake, and before the second earthquake that caused the deaths of so many people. Why the break? Why no blog postings since then? After all, I had hardly got started with blog postings.

Well, there were blog postings. Many of them. And then, unbeknown to me, my website got moved from one platform to another, or however the jargon goes. Unfortunately what got moved was an old version of my website, and the recent one with all the blog postings was deleted.

And so we start again. This time with less enthusiasm. This time blog postings will be briefer, less frequent, and this time, anything I write that I want to be sure I can retrieve, I will post as an article and keep a copy.

But move on we must. Older and wiser. Keep the chin up. Bigger, more important things are happening.

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