Imagine being able to transform your life.
Imagine knowing how to be successful in everything you do.

You can have happiness. You can have enduring happiness at your core. You can have joyous, bubbling happiness and quiet, peaceful happiness.  Different people have different ways of being happy.  Yet there are very specific pathways to being happy.

Maybe personal happiness is not your focus right now. Relationships, career, education, family, health, one or more of these may be your focus. Whatever area of your life is your focus right now there are very specific ways you can achieve what you want and enjoy your life more fully than you do right now.

Lorraine Newman consults with clients to achieve specific outcomes and results. She uses whichever method, technique or skill from her very full toolbox according to the needs of the client. She especially draws on her training in NLP, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She may also draw on her knowledge of Accelerated Learning and Learning Styles, or her background in Business or the Education sector.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of success, the study of excellence. It is an art and a science. NLP techniques are powerful techniques that are now a part of many different fields. NLP is an integral part of personal development, coaching, business, sports psychology, neuroscience, communication and education.

NLP was initially developed …    more

Time-Line Therapy™

Time-Line Therapy™ is a method of releasing the effects of past negative experiences and the emotions around those experiences. It changes ‘programming’ that is less than completely useful so that people can move forward free of those negative emotions and free of the patterns of behaviour that have held them back in the past.

Time-Line Therapy™ is … more 


Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is a way of people discovering their resources and overcoming their problems. More …

One-on-one and face-to-face.